Ordering Information


  • We will always send healthy well established plants. If there should be a problem with any of our plants we will do our very best to resolve the issue. 

  • While ground delivery service (aka UPS Ground) is economically attractive, we do NOT reccomend it for orders west of the Rocky Mountains. Distant clients electing for ground delivery service should realize and be responsible for the added risk involved


Minimum Order:  $20.00

Shipping Days:  Monday & Tuesdays (other days with prior scheduling)

Shipping Season:  May – September 

Shipping Charges:  

  • We employ a weight based system working off live rate charts. We find this is usually quite representative for the current delivery rates incurred and fair for everyone. 
  • We continually tweak the system to as closely match the actual product weights as possible. Howevern should your order delivery charges be significantly different than those the cart calculates, we reserve the right to adjust the bill accordingly. 
  • Most hostas are shipped bare root. (Some of the smaller plants may be shipped in pots.)


Gift Certificates:  Gift Certificates are available in any denomination. No expiration date.

Payment Methods:  Visa/MasterCard, Check or Money Order. 

Mail & Fax Orders: 

  • Please allow the shopping cart system to manage your order and incorporate shipping charges. Note: During checkout, you are given the option to print the results and then submit via mail or fax. 

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