Mason Hollow Nursery

Ferns should not be overlooked as just another green plant! Ferns add grace, color, and texture to the shade garden and are wonderful companions to other shade loving plants.

There are many perennial ferns to chose from that are hardy ranging in sizes from low ground covers to tall giant specimens.

Athyrium 'Dre's Dagger'

"Compact Victoria Fern"
Mature Size 17

Athyrium filix-femina

"Victoria Lady Fern"
Mature Size 18x24"

Blechnum spicant 'Deer Fern'

Mature Size Spreading, 1-2 ft.

Cystopteris bulbifera

"Bublet Bladder Fern"
Mature Size S-M

Diplazium pycnocarpon

"Narrow Glade Fern"
Mature Size Med-Large

Dryopteris bissetiana

"Beaded Wood Fern"
Mature Size Small, 1-2'

Dryopteris campyloptera

"Wood Fern"
Mature Size 2'

Dryopteris dilatata 'Recurved Broad Buckler'

Mature Size Medium - Large, 24-42"

Dryopteris filix-mas

"Male Fern"
Mature Size 2 to 3'

Dryopteris marginalis

"Eastern Wood Fern"
Mature Size Medium, 18-30"