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Ferns should not be overlooked as just another green plant! Ferns add grace, color, and texture to the shade garden and are wonderful companions to other shade loving plants.

There are many perennial ferns to chose from that are hardy ranging in sizes from low ground covers to tall giant specimens.

Dryopteris marginalis

"Eastern Wood Fern"
Mature Size Medium, 18-30"

Dryopteris pseudo filix-mas

"Mexican Male Fern"
Mature Size M-L 30-48"

Dryopteris pycnopteroides

"Japanese Wood Fern"
Mature Size 18" X 2'

Dryopteris remota

"Remote Wood Fern"
Mature Size M 3'

Onoclea sensibilis

"Sensitive Fern"
Mature Size Medium, 2'

Osmunda regalis var. spectabilis

"American Royal Fern"
Mature Size M-L 24-60

Polystichum polybepharum 'Tassel Fern'

Mature Size Crown, 1 1/2 - 3 ft.

Woodwardia fibriata

"Giant Chain Fern"
Mature Size Clumping, 4-8 ft.