Mason Hollow Nursery

This varied collection of plants consists of selected new offerings as well as tried-and-true perennials and native plants. All have been chosen for unique qualities of foliage texture and/or colors and flower shapes and forms. Traits such as these are certain to add interest to your garden.

Menyanthes trifoliata

Flower Color White flushed pink

Mertensia virginica

"Virginia Blue Bells"
Flower Color Blue
Mature Size Medium, 12"-24"

Phlox 'White Delight'

Flower Color Pure White
Mature Size Small, 4-6"

Phlox subulata 'Scarlet Flame'

Flower Color Deep Red
Mature Size 4 to 6"

Polygonatum 'New Yorker'

Flower Color Whitish
Mature Size 2-3'

Polygonatum hirtum

Flower Color White
Mature Size 18 to 24"

Polygonatum odoratum 'Byakko'

Mature Size 1 to 2'

Polygonatum odoratum 'Grace Barker'

Flower Color White
Mature Size 20"

Polygonatum odoratum 'Variegatum'

"2013 Perennial of The Year"
Flower Color White & Green
Mature Size Medium, 12-24"

Polygonatum SP4 Pink

Flower Color Pink
Mature Size 6"