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This is Iris ensata

We guarantee that our plants are healthy and in good, grow-able condition when they leave our Nursery.

However, plants are living, breathing organisms and can sometimes die, through no fault of your own or ours! For that reason, we do not offer long term plant guarantees that go beyond initial health and quality of the product when it leaves our Nursery.

While we will do our best to help with cultural suggestions and solutions, it is unreasonable for us to be responsible for extremes in weather, animal and insect damage, soil conditions and over or under watering.

*We also understand that not all plant health issues are noticeable immediately at the time of purchase and may take up to a month to fully manifest. In such cases, we will correct the problem to include replacement or refund of the defective material.


We occasionally have “scratch and dent” or “as is” plants at deeply discounted prices. The idea being great reward for low risk, however, the low risk is to the buyer, this is final sale, no returns.

Warning: Early Fall is a popular time to plant in Southern New Hampshire and is when we do all of our planting. However, a winter with rapid temperature swings (like 2015-2016) can cause increased mortality in new plantings due to frost heaves. Please talk to our staff for advice on these matters.