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Cypripedium reginae

Flower Color Pink - White
Mature Size Medium, 14-28"

Cystopteris bulbifera

"Bublet Bladder Fern"
Mature Size S-M

Deinanthe bifida

"Two-lobed False Hydrangea"
Flower Color White
Mature Size 2'

Dicentra 'Amore Pink' PPAF

"Burning Hearts"
Flower Color Pink
Mature Size 9" x14", FL HT 14"

Dicentra eximia

Flower Color Light Pink
Mature Size Small, 6-12"

Diplazium pycnocarpon

"Narrow Glade Fern"
Mature Size Med-Large

Disporum flavum

"Korean Fairy Bells"
Flower Color Yellow
Mature Size 30

Disporum maculatum

"Nodding mandarin, Spotted disporum"
Flower Color White
Mature Size 8-24 inches

Dodecatheon (Mixed Forms)

"Shooting Stars"
Flower Color Pale-deep pink
Mature Size 16"-24"

Dodecatheon meadia 'Prachtmischung'

"Shooting Stars"
Flower Color Bright Pink
Mature Size 8-12"

Dryopteris bissetiana

"Beaded Wood Fern"
Mature Size Small, 1-2'