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Dryopteris marginalis

"Eastern Wood Fern"
Mature Size Medium, 18-30"

Dryopteris dilatata 'Recurved Broad Buckler'

Mature Size Medium - Large, 24-42"

Dryopteris bissetiana

"Beaded Wood Fern"
Mature Size Small, 1-2'

Dodecatheon (Mixed Forms)

"Shooting Stars"
Flower Color Pale-deep pink
Mature Size 16"-24"

Disporum flavum

"Korean Fairy Bells"
Flower Color Yellow
Mature Size 30

Dicentra eximia

Flower Color Light Pink
Mature Size Small, 6-12"

Cystopteris bulbifera

"Bublet Bladder Fern"
Mature Size S-M

Cypripedium reginae

Flower Color Pink - White
Mature Size Medium, 14-28"

Corydalis elata

Flower Color Blue
Mature Size 24"

Convallaria montana

"American Lily of the Valley"
Flower Color White flushed pink
Mature Size 6-12"

Clethra acuminata 'Cinnamon Clethra'

Flower Color White
Mature Size 15' x 15'
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