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Abelia mosanensis
Flower Color: Rich Pink
Mature Size: 5-6'
In Stock.
Ilex verticillata 'Jim Dandy'
Flower Color: Dull White
Mature Size: 3't x 8'w
Not for Sale.
Leptodermis oblonga
Flower Color: Violet to pink
Mature Size: 12" to 18"
In Stock.
Azalea 'White Lights'
Flower Color: White with Pink Tinge
Mature Size: 4-6'x4-6'
In Stock.
Magnolia acuminata
Cucumber Tree
Flower Color: Yellow Green
Mature Size: 50' to 75'
In Stock.
Rhododendron 'Cocheco Lavender Lady'
Flower Color: Lavender
Mature Size: 5' x 4'
In Stock.
Rhododendron prinopyllum
Rose Pink or June Pink
Flower Color: No
Mature Size:
In Stock.
Clethra acuminata 'Cinnamon Clethra'
Flower Color: White
Mature Size: 15' x 15'
In Stock.
Syringa vulgaris 'Aucubaefolia'
Flower Color: Lilac blue
Mature Size: 10' x 8' in 10 yrs
In Stock.
Ostrya virginiana
American Hop Hornbeam
Flower Color: White, yellow, green, brown
Mature Size: 30 '
Not for Sale.